Design and development of autonomous ship operation and management system taking into account ML-based decision support mechanisms for emissions and fuel control and management based on specific international regulations and legislation.

EcoMaRE envisages a system that will empower ship systems and engines to autonomously adjust their operation based on a number of requirements and regulations in order to achieve optimization in terms of

(a) fuel consumption

(b) energy efficiency 

(c) emissions.

Towards this direction, integration of innovative technologies in terms of data analytics, ML-enabled decision support, real-time optimization as well as visualisation will be investigated both in terms of literature and existing tools.

The incorporation of Circular Economy principles in the vessel’s management. The solution to be provided by EcoMaRE will be based on the innovative incorporation of Circular Economy principles. Energy efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions optimization will be combined with data related to the Life Cycle of engines’ components in order to ensure that the overall management of these components is based on the main principles and guidelines related to Circular Economy. EcoMaRE will also consider lifecycle management and assessment tools (LCA, LCPA) for the evaluation of innovations with respect to their productive energy efficiency, considering market/financial data in conjunction with the current and the optimal operational performance of the vessel.