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ITML (Information Technology for Market Leadership) is a dynamic and rapidly growing company comprising a team of highly skilled electrical and computer engineers. Renowned for their international research expertise in ICT, ITML specializes in a diverse range of fields including telecommunications, energy efficiency, transportation, and security. The company boasts a dedicated team of technical project managers and software engineers who excel in designing and developing cutting-edge solutions for future networks, energy-aware applications, intelligent transportation systems, and innovative security systems. With a focus on tailor-made software solutions, ITML delivers innovative and customized web and mobile applications across various domains, catering to the unique needs of enterprises.

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Danaos Management is a leading maritime solutions provider with a strong focus on innovation and efficiency. With extensive experience in the shipping industry, Danaos Management offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to optimize vessel operations, enhance safety, and maximize profitability. Their expertise in maritime technology, fleet management, and regulatory compliance positions them as a trusted partner in the industry. Collaborating with Danaos Management brings valuable insights and cutting-edge solutions to the EcoMaRE project, driving sustainable and intelligent advancements in maritime transport.

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Hydrus Engineering SA, a key project partner, plays a crucial role in facilitating the seamless integration of disruptive innovation services within the local maritime market sector. With a wealth of experience, the company specializes in new building specification reviews, safety and quality management system development and assessment for shipping companies, and comprehensive field surveys. Having actively participated in over 100 new construction projects and more than 150 initiatives focused on implementing green technology systems in ships and maritime vessels, Hydrus Engineering SA brings extensive expertise in driving sustainable transformations in the maritime industry.

sintef ocean


SINTEF Ocean is a prominent partner in the project, bringing extensive expertise in marine research and technology solutions. As a leading research institute, SINTEF Ocean specializes in various aspects of the marine industry, including sustainable ocean resources, offshore technology, aquaculture, and environmental impact assessments. With a multidisciplinary team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities, SINTEF Ocean actively contributes to the development and implementation of innovative solutions for the maritime sector. Their collaborative approach and deep understanding of industry challenges make them a valuable partner in driving sustainable advancements and fostering responsible practices within the ocean and marine domains.